Adding to the JOY…

…in more ways than one!

College started today, and Blueberry the bump is due any hour…

I have not slept since Friday night as Polly, my daughter, keeps having labour scares. It seems funny that a year ago I was a new student, feeling young and full of the excitement of youth, and now I am about to be an oma, or yaya… I cannot do grandma!

When I think back to my own youthful college days, learning was not so joyful. I stick by my theory that education is wasted on the young. I have my own theories about education, and having home educated my kids for several years, and seen some great results, I am inclined to stick with them. My main theory is that if you want to learn something, then you will do it as soon as you are ready. Otherwise it is wasted time and a lot of unnecessary stress. For years I have been ready to learn in a college environment, with other students. To me this is the freedom I dreamed of every day when I couldn’t wait to leave grammar school!

Last year was great, this year I plan to make even better. Bring it on!

When I am not studying I read Tarot…

IMG_8805And play with my pet goat Gypsy…

IMG_8818And make beautiful custom Tarot Bags for lovely earthlings…

IMG_8827And play some more with the goats…


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