Up Against the Wall…

So we have presented our slideshow, and it was ok. I have learned a lot from this project and that is what it’s all about.

The presentation could have been better, more arty.  I am inspired – especially by group two’s gorgeous presentation, to play with PowerPoint and get over my mental block!

Morgan made a comment which was invaluable, he suggested that our image could read the opposite way to that which we intended, ie the workers were smashing the beautiful landscape instead of unveiling it. I can see that totally. I think in future I would get someone like Morgan or maybe Staju who both think in very different ways, to give me their opinion on something, it is good to get input from all angles. When you are in the middle of something of your making it can be very difficult to step back and be truly objective.

Other comments were subjective, and more about the painting of the scene itself than the concept, which is fair enough. But as they were quite diverse and people were saying the opposite of each other,  we let them go.

Another useful comment was that the workmen did not look like workmen without their orange vests and yellow helmets. This got me thinking about why Banksy’s policemen worked but our workmen didn’t…

Kissing Coppers

The ‘Kissing Coppers’,  have changed very little in colour in the stenciled version. The handcuffs and truncheon make it obvious that they are policemen too. Our workmen lost their identity by losing the colour of their vests and helmets. I thought the pick axe made it obvious, but as Morgan says, it could have been any vandal!

I learned too, to read and check off every little detail of the brief. Make sure it is clear exactly what needs to be in the presentation, and what goes elsewhere. Last night having believed I had finished,  I had to reduce the PowerPoint size by 100 MB!  Although I had kept my half of the PowerPoint small I had forgotten to tell Jemarve. Sadly his wonderful Google Sketch movie had to be left out of the submitted PPT, although viewers did see it. I am wondering if the size  is why it kept crashing the computer yesterday!

The other thing I had to do last night was produce a full proposal from all our combined research and images etc! I thought that the proposal only had to be in the PowerPoint and our individual stuff, and then I found another forum for proposals *ahem*!

So, although I am happy to have done this, and it was a valuable experience, I am glad it is over. Group work is challenging and can be more about administration and politics, than making art, but then that is the nature of real life.  Our group situation was particularly fraught as we lost two of the original members, and other commitments in and out of college made it difficult for us to to meet up all together.  It may not have been what we would have done, had we had more time. However,  given that we were left with three members, a half inherited idea, and one week to do most of the work, I think we stepped up and performed very well. The group pulling together is a big part of an exercise like this, and we triumphed in the face of adversity!!

Cheers to Roxy and Jemarve and all of the other groups who were part of this project!


Photograph retrieved from: http://tinyurl.com/a3qmxmx 12/3/2014